A very simple demo, without any time measurement, just switching letters.

demo.html, demo.swf, demo.mxml

compiled with flex4.6 and scriptingrt034


A very simple scriptingRT file which can be used as a starting point for new experiments.

intro.html, intro.swf, intro.mxml

compiled with flex 4.5.1 and scriptingrt034


demonstrates setting a maximal time for answering

doubletest.html, doubletest.swf, doubletest.mxml

compiled with flex 4.6 and scriptingrt034, corrected and updated 6.2.12


demonstrates adding feedback

feedback.html, feedback.swf, feedback.mxml

compiled with flex4.1 and scriptingrt034. Note that compiling with flex4.6 shows a bug: the first feedback is not correctly located.

JavaScript External Interface

shows how to access JavaScript from ScriptingRT

saveTest.html, saveTest.swf, saveTest.mxml

Note that because of security restrictions, this will probably not run correctly when executed locally, only when stored on a server.

compiled with flex4.6 and scriptingrt034


flashvars.html, flashvars.swf, flashvars.mxml

shows getting data from html to scriptingRT using flashvars. see also running example with qualtrics code

compiled with flex4.6 and scriptingrt034

MTurk-Qualtrics Template

very similar to the flashvars example, taking in mtwid (mturkworkerid) and mturkcode (to be given back to worker by qualtrics).

mturk.html, mturk.swf, mturk.mxml

qualtrics survey that accepts the workerID in the URL: http://isctecis.us2.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bOVwgxx4d2aFvJG&mtwid=99999

both mturk.html and the qualtrics survey use swfobject for embedding the swf.

compiled with flex4.6 and scriptingrt034


shows how to implement branching (still very complicated, will be easier in future versions)

branching.html, branching.swf, branching.mxml

compiled with flex4.6 and scriptingrt034

UPDATE 25.03.13. now works properly also if there is more than one item in the branching testpart.



shows how to use branching when counterbalancing blocks of items

compiled with flex4.6 and scriptingrt0352

counterbalancing.html, counterbalancing.swf, counterbalancing.mxml


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