Impressions from workshop

This week, we held our first workshop on Online Data Collection and ScriptingRT. Thanks to all who joined for your attention, smart questions, all the expertise that you brought and that made it much more than just lectures, and then for actually sitting down and starting to code in ScriptingRT. In my humble opinion, it was a big success!

I list the participants below so that people interested in the topic can approach them:

Aline Nunes, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Ana Louceiro, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Beatriz Lloret, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Carla Murteira, CIS/ISCTE_IUL, Portugal

Caroline Leygue, University of Nottingham, UK

Cláudia Simão, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Cristina Godinho, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Diniz Lopes, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Elizabeth Collins, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Hugo Alves, ISPA, Portugal

Inês Dias, ISPA, Portugal

Joana Costa do Carmo, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Joel Vuolevi, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands

Joseph Mole, St. Andrews, Scotland

Manuel Oliveira, ISPA, Portugal

Mauro Bianchi, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Michael van den Oudenalder, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Miriam Rosa, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Nuno Costa, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Patrícia Arriaga, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Paulo Vitória, Beira Interior University/CIS, Portugal

Pedro Marques, CIS/ISCTE, Portugal

Piers Fleming, University of East Anglia, UK

Pilar Aguilar, Universidad Autonoma, Spain

Ricardo Rodrigues, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Rita Meneses, Portugal

Rodrigo Brito, CIS/Lusófona, Portugal

Rui Costa Lopes, ICS‐UL, Portugal

Rui Gaspar, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Sónia Gonçalves, Instituto Piaget/CIS, Portugal

Susana Lavado, ICS/FPUL, Portugal

Thomas Schubert, CIS/ISCTE‐IUL, Portugal

Tiago Aguiar, Porto University, Portugal

Winter Mason, Stephens Institute of Technology, USA