8 thoughts on “IAT for qualtrics, Winter Mason style

  1. Hi- Im not sure which file is the version that can be pasted into qualtrics– could you please direct me to the correct url?

    Many thanks!

  2. Vivian: it’s not possible to simply paste it into qualtrics, unfortunately. You still need to set the iat software up on a server of your own.

    I have not written up how to do this in a blog post yet, because I was hoping the programmers of the original version would integrate my changes back into the original version soon, and add some features to make this embedding more convenient. At the moment, it is a bit of work where you need to know how to work with your own server. I can try to write a blog post about how to do this at the moment in the next days. Please notice though that this version of the IAT does not counterbalance block order (yet).

  3. I would love to know more. I was planning on running a study in which there were TWO (yes, numero dos) IATs in a study (examining attitude and comparing it to a new construct I’m making). I want to put them both in Qualtrics and compare contrast their relationships with a DV under different conditions. Any word on how well this is working yet?

    1. Tom, I just checked their github page. It looks like not muched happened there in the last months. That means, you can use it if you are fine with order of compatible vs. incompatible blocks not being balanced, and assignment of keys not being balanced.

      1. As a workaround, couldn’t one develop four versions of the IAT and randomly display only one in qualtrics? That would allow one to randomize Blocks and keys without hard coding.


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