passing info to scriptingrt

when embedding a scriptingrt swf in a web page, it is possible to pass information from the html page to the flash swf in the form of flashvars (see Flashvars on the examples page).

however, we noticed some problems when embedding a swf in a qualtrics page – the swf seemed to loose focus, or at least it was sometimes hard to give the focus back to it after clicking somewhere else. As an alternative, we decided to test opening the swf in a separate window directly, without embedding it in a html wrapper. Question is, can you then still transfer info to it?

Turns out you can. This swf displays 4 trials. Two of them are taken from flashvars, and we pass them here appended after the file name in the link, with “…flashvars.swf?myFirstName=thomas&myLastName=schubert” target=”_blank” (opening in a new window). If you change those values, you get different trials.

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