server for saving data

in the past, we used the server for saving data from scriptingRT. That server is not maintained by myself, and has been down for several days now. At the moment, I unfortunately cannot resurrect it.

Several people have become adept at simply setting up their own servers for saving data, so this is what I recommend from now on:

Download the php script, put it on your own server, and point your ScriptingRT files to it. This way, the files will be saved on your own server, where you can take care of them.

If you need to use our server, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “server for saving data

  1. I noticed that when it appends the data, the first line of each successive entry gets tacked onto the last row of the entry before it. I would suggest adding another line break to the php script to avoid this:

    fwrite($fp, “\n—————————-\n”);

    Instead of:

    fwrite($fp, “—————————-\n”);

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