stroop example in scriptingRT

we used a stroop task in several studies to validate scriptingrt. here is an example script:



embedded in a simple html page: stroop.html

compiled with flex 4.6 and scriptingrt035

this version does not give feedback. it displays in 100% of the available window.



9 thoughts on “stroop example in scriptingRT

  1. This looks very interesting! I am working on a research where we want to let master students do the strooptest. Unfortunately we have to do everything via qualtrics, does anyone have an idea how I could include a strooptest similar to this one (maybe with an extra color) in qualtrics and let the results of the test be recorded by qualtrics?

  2. Jonathan, this is easily possible. Read the manual and have a look at the examples on this site. The lastest blogpost also has a link to the manuscript (submitted) where we used the stroop test a couple of times. Try it and let us know how it works for you.

      1. Jonathan–

        Did you ever figure out how to do this?

        I unfortunately am not as computer-literate as I would like to be. I am trying to get a Stroop test to be embedded in my Qualtrics study where I will be able to extract resp. latency data. Can you break down the steps in doing this? The manual looked overwhelming.

            1. hm, this thing doesn’t work on my machine, it crashed my display driver. Again, good reason not to use inquisit 🙂 They key question is whether you want just a dichotomous reaction (e.g., red vs. blue), or three different reactions as in some versions of the stroop. The first is easy, the second is difficult. Furthermore, will you need to counterbalance anything, e.g., do you need counterbalancing of key assignments, or are you fine with the same key assignment for everybody? and the third question: do you need neutral targets? To discuss this further, it would make more sense to move this to email – please email me, or sign up in the google group and post there. best, thomas.

  3. I am looking to find a way to create an interactive conflict adaptation facial image-based Stroop task that also allows me to share this task online with others (OR gets them to complete it on their Ipads – which is ideal but unlikely given that scriptingRT uses flash). However, I will also need to be able to record the reaction times of my participants who perform this task. I currently have similar versions of the task with Presentation software, Inquisit and E-prime but am looking to code it in scriptingRT so that it is compatible for online use with macs and PCs. Any ideas of how I can convert/adapt this coding? Or do I have to start from scratch?

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