contribute to scriptingrt

I published the source code of scriptingrt to allow people to modify the code and contribute to the project (with a gnu gpl v2 license). Check out the Google Code project page, or download the source code from github

(Thanks to Marielle Lange for showing me the way to github.)


5 thoughts on “contribute to scriptingrt

  1. hi there! one question: is there a way to actually display the flash file in fullscreen? or if not fullscreen, at least not so that it takes up only the left half of the screen – in other words, it would be good if the empty panel which always shows to the right of the experiment would not be there…

    1. Hi Nick,

      putting it full screen is not easy, and results in less keys being usable as input, so we don’t recommend it. But I don’t understand the question about the empty panel. Could you maybe send your question again to the google group (check the page “Forum”), with a screen shot showing the panel? thomas.

        1. hi Nick. it looks to me like there is a mismatch between the size of your sfw (set in the .mxml file header) and the embedding area in your html. Check these numbers. If you have further questions, please join the googlegroup, and post your html, swf, and mxml there. thomas

  2. Hmm. Perhaps it’s a problem with my computer… These screen shots are all scriptingrt demo pages… I’ll look into the mxml size values. Thanks.

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