why flex instead of html5 & javascript

the question why we use flex instead of javascript keeps coming up after the PR debacle around flash.

here is an interesting post on the future of flex and its advantages over html5. It’s actually written by a Portuguese flex developer whose office is probably within walking distance from my university iscte, and who even studied here.

and: flex is now called apache flex instead of adobe flex


2 thoughts on “why flex instead of html5 & javascript

  1. There are arguments for either technology, but I am curious if you’ve found any difference in the timing guarantees between JavaScript and Flash. John Resig did a nice analysis of JavaScript timing issues[1], but I haven’t been able to find as good of a write-up for Flash. Was hoping you had some insight. Thanks and good work!

    [1] http://ejohn.org/blog/accuracy-of-javascript-time/

    1. very interesting, thanks for the link. Eventually, we have to approach this with external hardware, where presentation times on a screen, and presentation-to-keyboard reactions are measured objectively. E.g., with the Black Box toolkit or something similar. We are working on this, and could extend it to javascript if there is time.

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