Where scriptingRT stands

Some thoughts about the current state of the project and the software after the workshop:

  1. We had altogether 29 participants at the workshop (excluding the team), and we had about 20 more applications we could not accept because of space limitations. This great interest tells us that there is really a need for what we are doing, which is very satisfying. Thanks!
  2. After I explained how ScriptingRT experiments are programmed in XML, and participants started to try it, somebody remarked: “You did not say it was easy, you said it was free.” Exactly. It became obvious that writing XML needs time getting used to, despite all the experience people have with HTML these days. But, as another memorable quote from the workshop says, “2012 is the year of coding“, and expertise in coding acquired with ScriptingRT might come in handy in many other fields.2010_05_14-you-are-here
  3. We have collected data with scriptingRT already, and our empirical tests show that it can replace professional desktop software for paradigms with large effect sizes. Nevertheless, as you can download it today, ScriptingRT is NOT ready to be used for hypothesis-testing data collection. There are a number of bugs that need to be fixed first (see download page), and we have to make sure that data are only accessible to the researchers. We expect that we need another month to solve these issues.
  4. I believe that further development of the project hinges upon the development of an active user group. The workshop hopefully created a first critical mass for that group. For that purpose we created the Google group for online discussion. Please sign up!
  5. The project is still funded until September 2012. Until then, we can pay our programmer Frank and Carla for support. After that, and until we have found further funding, development is in the hands of volunteer contributors. The source code of the next release will be made available on Github to allow external contributions. Note that we make the source code available under a license that allows its commercial use. This will hopefully increase contributions to it.

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