stroop in flashdmdx

here is a recent example, a stroop paradigm. effect is replicated like a charm.


17 thoughts on “stroop in flashdmdx

  1. Awesome! I’m running a psych experiment online and would like to include this task. Would you mind sharing the fille so I can adapt it to my project? I still don’t know how to create my own stroop task after I read your manual and everything here. Wait, I forgot to mention that I have zero knowledge on coding (I only know how to write SPSS code to run my 2×2 ANOVA). Please let me know if you can share this or have any suggestions. Thanks a lot!

      1. I was wondering where the manual can be located? I’m also trying to adapt it into Qualtrics survey, but I’m not sure how to load the script.

  2. I have been looking at adapting this example of a stroop test. However, I was wondering if it is possible in ScriptingRT to give three choices to choose from (the colours red, blue and yellow), make only one of them the positive answer and the two others a negative answer?

    1. yes that is possible. But you have to check whether the different negative answers actually make it to the results, or whether you only see that there was a negative answer, but not which one. That could be fixed with additional coding. Check the sections on how to define positive and negative answers in the TestPart.

  3. Wow! This is what I’ve been searching for! Would it be okay if I use this for my own undergraduate research? Well, not the exact same one because I’ll be modifying it a bit to fit my research as I’m planning to not only get the response time but also the errors made at the same time, and also using more than 2 colors. Hopefully, I’ll be able to understand the manual provided as I have zero knowledge on coding.

  4. Hmm,I’ve read it but am not very sure of what it entirely means. Anyway, correct me if I am wrong but does it means that (lets say the task is to distinguish between 3 colors) the actual response could not be recorded (whether blue, green or red) but the system can record whether the participants had selected the correct or wrong answers? Is this what that blog post entitled “restriction of ScriptingRT” meant?

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